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Data:2014-02-05 16:27 Print
Global design company, Bolon is to launch its latest innovative flooring collection, ‘Silence’ in style with an exhibition at Snickarbacken 7. The show, running 3-6 February 2014 coincides with Stockholm Design Week and has been designed by the prestigious Beckmans College of Design.

At the centre of the concept is a short, cutting edge art film, “The Contradiction of Silence”; a collaborative project dreamt up by acclaimed Swedish choreographer, Alexander Ekman. In the dramatic film, classical music is juxtaposed with the beating rhythms of the loom and dancers feet. Slow motion grace is intervened with a glimpse into a mundane world populated by robotic, flooring dependant inhabitants.

The collection itself has been inspired by Nordic nature, historic textiles and wooden parquet patterning. Available as sheets, tiles and planks, the new products relate back to traditional carpets in the way that it’s appearance changes, depending on the way that light is reflected upon it. Completely free of the harmful softening agent, phthalate – Bolon are pioneers in both environmental and artistic innovations.

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