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Vinyl Floor News and Trends
Data:2014-01-20 11:25 Print
Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices in the United States. It's affordable, versatile, and easy to install. A current trend regarding vinyl floor manufacturers is the availability of styles that resemble hardwood or natural stone. These new styles open up lower-cost possibilities for consumers who prefer the look of wood, tile or stone. Another trend is the popularity of vinyl floor tiles that are easy for a novice to install.
It's a good time for vinyl floor manufacturers as new-home builders and remodeling consumers continue to choose resilient flooring, but manufacturers need to stay abreast of trends that may affect their future business. Where do you go when you're researching, for example, self-stick vinyl floor tile manufacturers or commercial vinyl tile flooring?
In order to stay on top of vinyl floor manufacturers news and trends, check out these tips:
1. Look for news sites for floor industry professionals, as well as business news sites.
2. Join associations that represent vinyl floor manufacturers as well as building or remodeling interests for a bigger picture.
3. Get a competitive edge by attending and participating in trade shows.
Locate vinyl flooring news to help build your business
Floor covering professionals have several online news magazines to keep them abreast of the news. These sites track pertinent stories regarding vinyl flooring and other flooring types, as well as news in the construction industry.
Try: Floor Daily delivers breaking news for the floor care professional. Floor Covering Weekly offers free newsletters, including FCW Prime for flooring executives, or Floor Covering Weekly Global for the international community.
Stay in the know when it comes to vinyl flooring issues
Vinyl floor manufacturers must stay informed so they can respond to changes in the industry. One controversy is the composition of vinyl flooring (polyvinyl chloride or PVC), as the vinyl industry contends with the safety of PVC products.
Try: National Floor Trends spotlights news in the floor industry and developments in vinyl flooring. Mindfully discusses setbacks in the effort to include vinyl flooring as a feature of healthy homes.
Join associations for vinyl flooring manufacturers
Several associations exist for vinyl flooring manufacturers to help them get their products to consumers as well continue to learn about the industry through online classes or seminars. Trade shows are also a good place for vinyl tile floor manufacturers to showcase new vinyl products and check out the competition in flooring choices.
Try: The North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD) offers continuing education opportunities for distributors of vinyl flooring. Learn more about vinyl floor manufacturers at the annual Floortek show sponsored by the American Floor Covering Alliance, a nonprofit for manufacturers.

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