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The Structure of Vinyl Floor
Data:2013-09-18 11:01 Print
As we konw, vinly flooring is a quite popular light body decorative floor material in the world, especially in Europe & America and Japan, Korea and China in Asia, becuase vinyl floor not only suitable for residential house, but also for public places, such as school,hosipital,office,airport,railway,shopping mall,supermarket,sports ground and so on.
But do you know the structure for every vinyl floor,now let's talk about this for details. Please check the below photo for RALAV vinyl floor structure:

Product structure
1, UV coating to protect surface.
2, Wearlayer (strong wearlayer to guarantee wear-resistant function)
3, Fashional printing layer (the nice design offer you different choice of vinyl floor)
4, Middle layer (guarantee high quality Ralav luxury tile with stable size)
5, Balance layer (guarantee high quality Ralav luxury tile with stable size)
Now you have known the structure of vinyl floor clearly, if you have any problem for our product, please contact us freely.

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