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Stylish RALAV PVC Flooring
Data:2013-10-21 10:15 Print
Why should you choose pvc vinyl flooring or vinyl flooring for renovating your home? Well, one of the most important aspects of any house is its flooring; it is highly important that the flooring should be durable and stylish as well. When it comes to flooring options, the market offers a wide variety-timber, vinyl, laminates, cork, marble tiles and concrete. But these days, one of the most popular flooring options is vinyl flooring. Off late people are even using vinyl as a flooring option for their offices, shopping malls and other places. The best feature of vinyl flooring is that it has a superb finish which looks very classy. 
We will briefly describe the properties and advantages of this emerging flooring option below, so that you can decide if it is right for your home. 
Materials used to make Vinyl or PVC: 
Flooring Vinyl flooring is also termed as pvc vinyl floor because it contains PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride as a key ingredient. This is basically made up of different vinyl resins and other types of additives which include fillers, pigments, plasticizers and stabilizers. 
Designs Available
As far as dimensions are concerned, people have two options- they can either choose vinyl tiles or sheets. Interesting designs can be created by using tiles of different colors. Besides, a huge range of textures and designs are available in the market when it comes to vinyl. You can easily give your house an edgy look by experimenting with different types of this flooring in each room. 
Why Vinyl flooring is so Popular
Most people choose vinyl or PVC flooring mainly because it is highly affordable. Besides, this flooring is highly durable. PVC flooring can be used almost anywhere as it is resistant to moisture. Most people opt for this in bathrooms and kitchens. It is extremely popular because it also provides excellent noise insulation. 
Moreover, it is quite easy to repair damaged portions of vinyl floors. You will indeed make a good decision if you opt for this kind. Its ability to stand the test of time and decent prices, along with its designer appeal, are something that you will find in few other flooring solutions.
RALAV INTERNATIONAL, is the leading supplier of luxurious pvc floors. We welcome all the customers to visit our showroom in Guangzhou, China.

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