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What Is PVC Flooring?
Data:2014-01-06 09:25 Print
PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a versatile substance that can be used in the production of many household fixtures, including doors, windows, pipe fittings and floors. PVC floors are used in commercial and residential buildings around the world and are relatively inexpensive to install.
PVC flooring is created throughout a procedure referred to as "plastisol spread coating." This involves combining phthalates, a variety of plasticizers, with a powdered form of PVC. Once mixed, the combination of ingredients produces a paste, known as "plastisol." The PVC is then applied in multiple layers to form PVC flooring.
The layers of plastisol fuse rapidly, meaning the process of laying an entire, stable PVC floor can be achieved swiftly and relatively cheaply. The flooring is built up layer upon layer, forming a foam core at its center, which strengthens the structure and protects it from wear and tear. In addition to offering a quick and practical means of structuring a floor, PVC also dampens sound, which can be useful in shared residential accommodation, where sounds can travel easily.
Style and Maintenance
The structure of PVC flooring means decorative molds can be created throughout each layer, forming attractive three dimensional patterns in the floor structure. This makes PVC a popular choice in office buildings, among firms who are keen to shape their buildings in a distinct, creative way. The strong surface of PVC prevents dust from accumulating, meaning there is no need for the intensive cleaning that may be required of carpets.
According to the Plasticizers and Flexible PVC Information Center, PVC flooring offers a substantial decrease in the levels of microbes present, which can spread disease and are commonly found in high levels in office carpeting. Due to these reduced levels of microscopic organisms, PVC flooring is often used in hospitals and clinics to reduce the risk of visitors contracting diseases. Household areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where hygiene is vital, can also benefit from the installation of PVC flooring.
Public buildings, such as schools, museums, advice centers and government offices, also use PVC flooring as they are usually easy to clean and maintain. Damage due to aging, such as weaknesses in the flooring structure due to frequent temperature changes, are rare because of the stability of the phthalates present in the PVC. According to the Plasticizers and Flexible PVC Information Center, a PVC floor has an average lifespan of around 20 years.

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